Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy birthday, sweet girl!

My baby girl, now three, you are a wonderful mix of baby and child, full of strong emotions, and much love.  You, my baby, clung tightly from the very beginning, and always wanted to be in my arms.  I'm glad, as my last little one, that you're still holding on.  I've grown to cherish your dependence as you've helped me to redefine my role as mother, as I've learned there is a difference to mothering more than one child.  You have completed our family and brought us much laughter.  They say that the baby of the family is often a clown, and we love your silliness that emerged early on.  Even as an early talker, you made up your own language of pet names, calling us "Bickle" and me "Mawmaw" and using words like "doot" to make us laugh.  You now dance and prance and skip wherever you go.  When you're happy, the sun seems to shine brighter, and when you're not happy, you're fierce.  I'm proud of your fiesty and spirited side, though, as it gives me confidence that you'll be able to stand on your own strength, an important trait for a girl.  And when we battle daily and you exercise you're new favorite word, "No!", I'm reminded of your growing independence and think that maybe we're doing okay in guiding and nurturing you.

I'm so proud of you and who you are.  You are a quick learner, saying your first sentence at age one, and mastering the potty at age two.  This year you've learned your letters and how to write your name.  You are great at creating games with Brady.  I love your imagination and the worlds you create.  I adore how you love your big brother and want to be wherever he is.  I smile at your love of collecting tiny objects and crowding your bed with them at night.  I am happiest when you throw your arms around my neck and snuggle, saying your classic line, "I love you show [so] much!"

You are so loved, our sweet cuddle bug. 

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