Saturday, May 28, 2011

A weekend wouldn't be perfect without...

Since I'm enjoying my alone time and couple time this weekend, I would feel bad if I didn't include my other loves.  Here are some recent snapshots of the kids' lives and other work and loves within our home:
Our kids are notoriously bad sleepers, but have been so busy lately that there have been a few surprise naps (yay!)
Brady enjoys reading and writing so much that he insists on signing himself out of preschool everyday.  He has done so well this year, and although we are sad he will be leaving such a wonderful preschool, he is ready for kindergarten in the fall.  Notice his mussed hair...he now has a habit of playing with his hair when he is concentrating or agitated!
 Superstar Maryn accompanied me to work this week to help me lead morning watch camp devotions for our adults with intellectual disabilities.  They adored her...and she was a little overwhelmed by all the love!  Although she is opening up more with others and is certainly animated, dramatic, and loquacious with us, she is still shy around strangers.  The playground at the camp perked her up, though!
My dear John is not only a fantastic husband and father, but a talented businessman as well.  Over the past few years, he has learned a lot about dealing coins and now buys and sells them as a second job.  After his work counseling during the day, he comes home and makes profits through his eBay store, which pay for the kids' school tuitions and helps to supplement our income.  He has also saved for a trip to Vegas next month.  I'm so proud of him.
Maryn is growing in independence and enjoys riding her tricycle by herself.  She follows Brady wherever he goes and makes up new games, songs, and storylines for her many tiny toy figurines.

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