Sunday, May 13, 2012

Learning the hard way

Some things I have (unintentionally) learned this week:

-Sometimes you don't understand how much someone cares until you hurt them.

-Good intentions don't prevent the hurt, or make it go away.

-A year of trust built can be broken in a moment.

-In these difficult times, support can come from surprising places.

-I hurt someone by going against my own gut and listening to others (who were also well-intentioned).

-I didn't listen to myself (or to God) because I let my fears and insecurities lead me.

-My fears were unfounded.

-The hardest part is forgiving myself and moving forward.

-I believe this, too, will help me grow as a minister and a person if I let wisdom speak instead of shame.

-While I was working outside of my comfort zone and being "bold", I see now that my greatest gift lies in my own vulnerability, honesty, openness, and trust.  And those may be just the gifts to get me out of this pit.

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