Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A little help from my friends

I have these wooden dolls in my office, and yes, they look just a tiny bit creepy (or odd, or silly).  But I was at a women in ministry event, "Feast", with some of my favorite and most inspirational people, and one of our responses to the worship was to select a wooden figure and decorate it with the scraps and assorted crafting paraphernalia on the table.  I worked without thinking for moments, taking in the messages being preached by other women and absorbing the creative energy of so many fantastic women in one space.  It was a time to rest and refuel my soul after giving and speaking and leading and ministering.  When I looked down at my creation, I realized that I had fashioned a preaching robe of sorts around my woman, and adorned it with a green stole (for growth, and symbolic of Ordinary Time, the place in which I find myself).  While being surrounded by the feminine, I couldn't stop myself from grabbing a smaller version to represent my daughter.  She has stars for eyes (appropriate), and her favorite color (purple) in the form of a scarf.  My little princess has a lacy skirt (as she is all girl), and accessorizes with a blue feather.  This girl has spirit, and energy, and style.  And apparently a strong influence, as I decided to add a feather to my own doll in a nod to her creative spirit.

How my girl encourages me to grow and to stretch...much like my fellow ministers at the Feast.  We come with one spirit and many gifts to serve, to support, and to uplift.  I realize in the company of others that as much as my actions try to deny it, I just can't make it on my own.  It's only in community that I can find myself and that I can grow into who God is calling me to be.

Maryn recently visited me at work, and I wasn't surprised when she gravitated towards the dolls on my shelf.  She, after all, turns anything (cars, trains, pencils) into "babies" which she gently mothers.  The Mommy and Maryn dolls started having adventures under the leading of her tiny and gentle hands, much like in real life.

Thank you, God, for the gift of family, both those we birth and are birthed into, and those we meet  and "adopt" along the way, that guide us into your loving community, the kingdom of God.

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