Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A prayer for a new school year

O God, as we grasp the final moments of summer in our hands, feeling the sand and water, the sun on our faces, the hours of unscheduled time, as they slip through our fingers and become memories,

we thank you for transitions between what was and what is to come.

We are grateful for rest, for time with family and friends, and for the restorative rhythms of play.

We anticipate a new routine of early rising, schedules, classes, the smell of freshly sharpened pencils, and the creak of new books and notebooks opening.  Sounds will be amplified, echoing through the halls as we are surrounded by friends new and old, and find ourselves in a new community.

There is excitement and also anxiety as we anticipate change, and we seek your guidance.

May we find our place in this new setting, this new beginning.  May we hold on to comfortable truths that ground us while also being open to explore the unfamiliar.  May we greet each person as our neighbor, our friend, and seek to support one another on the journey.

May we seek and find You in each face, and touch others with Your grace, Your love.

Grant us the courage to become who you are creating us to be, ever stronger, ever hopeful, ever graceful.  As we learn and teach, may we grow in humility and kindness.  Help us to respond with service and care for your world and your people with all the creativity and love with which you designed creation, and lead us to continue your process of redemptive healing in all the broken places.

Keep your place in our heart, and open our eyes so that we may see you in every circumstance.  So guide our lives that our steps may bring a smile to you and all those whom you love, offering welcome and acceptance, and pointing to your greater Love.

Remind us that we are never alone and that we are always enough, just as we are, in your eyes.

Help us to step forward in eagerness and not fear into the beautiful plan you have for all of us.


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