Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A note to my boy as he turns 7

Happy birthday, Brady boy!
What a spark you are in our lives.  We had no way of knowing seven years ago how you would change our you would change us.  I love your sweet, happy spirit.  Your light shines through that cute gap-toothed smile.  You woke up this morning with a "Yahoo!", which is a response to the morning that I could never summon, but is so very Brady.  I am thrilled by how happy you are with the simple things: a balloon you picked out at the store, your own handmade birthday banner, new books, and a candle to make a wish (you said, "Want to know what I wished?  I wished you and daddy would be nice, and it came true!")  We had to light the candle for a second time and another wish so Daddy could witness it, too.  You were thrilled that your room was "FILLED with balloons".  That did my heart good as that was my intention, but the reality was that I gave out after four balloons.  I felt like I had failed, but you saw that as an overwhelming success and I love you for that attitude.

I've often thought that life would be much smoother with a soundtrack.  You know how you can be thinking in the car and the perfect song comes on that just meshes with your thoughts?  I guess that's why so many people walk around with earbuds permanently embedded, listening to the soundtrack of their lives.  Well, Brady, you make up your own soundtrack each day.  It is joyful and fun, offbeat and silly.  You sometimes compose it yourself, and always sing it out loud.  Lately you've been obsessed with the new "Sofia the First" soundtrack, and I'm enjoying the routines and "shows" that you and Maryn choreograph and perform.  Your teacher remarked in passing the other day how much you enjoy singing and music, and seem to do it often (she even said it in a complimentary way, which made me love her even more for embracing your goodness).  I believe it's because you live out the music that is in your heart.

I pray that music never stops, that you will always be guided by that sweet melody inside.  Never let anyone silence that beauty or force you to sing a song that is not your own.  You are so special and your song can change the world, just as I know your kind heart will one already does in my world.  I hope you see, my dear one, how much you inspire my own heart to sing along.

All my love forever and ever, one million percent,

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