Friday, March 13, 2015

A Conference for Introverts

Someday I would like to create a conference for introverts.  Instead of networking and name tags, we would politely acknowledge one another, and then go to our separate corners to friend each other on Facebook.

Seats would be assigned to avoid the whole "with whom do I sit" dilemma.  Our tablemates' bios would be handed out so that we could skip over the awkward small talk.  Perhaps there could be a small delegation of "designated extroverts" strategically seated around the room to function as discussion starters.

Speakers and workshops would still be the focus for learning, but instead of discussion and questions afterward, there would be time for personal or small group reflection.  Or perhaps we would sit in thoughtful silence and later individually blog our insights and share the tweetable moments on social media.

Mixers and gatherings would be unnecessary, but stacks of books and cozy blankets could be made available for down time activities, and meet-ups in quiet coffeeshops could be arranged for those feeling social.  Yoga and meditation would be ideal as well.  In fact, there would be as much unstructured reflective and personal time as group learning time.

Business meetings would be conducted via email.

Wine and ice cream would be a required nighttime snack back in our single occupancy hotel rooms.

(note: I attended a conference two weeks ago that I really enjoyed.  Yet it has taken me two weeks to process.  I need a retreat just to reflect upon my conference.  This is the life of this INFJ.)

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