Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sabbath weekend

It's been a great weekend. Peaceful, productive, slow-paced, sleeping in...did I mention that the kids were at their grandparents'? Thank goodness for breaks! I love love love my kids and the family the four of us make is the very best thing in my life. But sometimes the very best things can wear you down to your core and all you want to do is crawl under the covers for about three days. I knew I needed a break when my right eyelid starting twitching...and didn't stop for two weeks. In fact, just now I realized that it's not in a crazy spasm. It was enough to make me consider poking my own eye out (or at least wearing a patch...fortunately, my pirate-loving kids have a couple stashed around the house). So a break was in order. I'm thankful for my in-laws who help us out and also build great relationships with our kids, who look forward to their breaks from us at Nina and Popaw's, too!

I have savored the chance to catch up with John and remember the rhythms of our life before kids...going out when we want, sleeping in, actually getting things accomplished like:

John mulching the front of the house

and me weeding, planting bulbs, and mulching a small area under our bedroom window so that hopefully we'll be treated to a nice spot of color come spring.
John pruned our strange bush (which somehow produced apples for the first time this year?!) and made it much less strange looking

and I enjoyed stumbling across a decorative arrangement of tiny pinecones thanks to the handiwork of our baby girl the day before.
I feel so much more creative energy now that some things have been crossed off the ever-present to do list. Although I have to be creative with the kids (making up activities and games to keep them active and not attacking each other), it's not the kind of creativity that makes me feel inspired and productive...just weary.
I look forward to seeing my sweet babies tomorrow and hearing all about their fun time and creating new adventures together this week, but I'll miss quality time with John and the freedom to think and rest. It's such a precarious balance, this family life, one that I often lose. But rest has given me the perspective to continue juggling until the next blessed Sabbath.

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