Sunday, December 19, 2010

Random things running through my head before bed...

I've been having some trouble getting to sleep lately, and a friend suggested I journal. That's a great idea, but I can't find any of the numerous journals I've started and abandoned! So here's a list of all the things on my mind right now (in no particular order):

-the trip to Chuck E. Cheese I promised my kids if they would stop whining and fighting for 5 days (I both hope they are successful and hope for no crazy mouse at the same time)

-the memorial service and Christmas chapels that I have to get together for Tuesday

-a birthday party for Jesus (aka: how to help our kids sort out what Christmas is all about)

-will the Nyquil John took make him snore tonight?

-Can we possibly have a night without being woken up by kids who need water or have a bad dream (come on kids, it's been almost 5 years of you should be sleeping through the night on a regular basis!)

-could we save money by moving to a house without flood insurance?

-Would I want to move?

-Brady starting kindergarten next year and leaving his perfect preschool

-trying to find time this week to spend with friends

-how to get rid of a ginormous trifle taking up our fridge (maybe share with the forementioned friends?)

-a dream and crafty idea coming together with a friend, new possibilities

-cooking our first real Christmas meal (how to cook a turkey or ham??)

-family drama

-did anything happen during the Christmas party for the residents that I don't know about and will be confronted with at work this week?

-how to help the grieving staff and residents at work (3 deaths in a month)

-need to sit down and reflect on this year and do a little visioning for next year

-want to start a regular blogging and yoga routine (not together, of course)

See why I can never get to sleep?!

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