Sunday, December 19, 2010

Snow days

Ah, the things a mother will do for her kids.  I am not a cold weather person.  As I am cold most of the year anyway, I wish winter would find me hibernating inside for months with a stack of good books and lots of tasty treats.  It is not so with my kids.  Brady, in particular, got his first taste of snow play last year, and after waking up to snow falling yesterday with a whoop of joy, was ready to go out immediately.  I held him off yesterday as it continued to snow and sleet for most of the day...and I was punished severely.  Two whiny, fighting, cooped up kids made for a LOOONG day.  So today had to be different.  After venturing out for a pizza lunch, we promised a few minutes of playing in the snow.  Maryn was reluctant initially, and had been terrified last year.  But after watching Brady, she finally braved the cold and her delight mirrored his.

So happy together...(for the moment)

 Maryn finally had a chance to wear her beloved boots.

The only casualty of the snow days was an unfortunate and highly contagious case of the "chicken pox" (which Maryn kept calling "chicken butts" due to the new joke in our house thanks to preschool:
"Guess what?   
Chicken Butt!"

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