Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Power in Gratitude

Right now, I sit in the cool relief of a coffee shop, thankful for a retreat from the 100+ degree heat, and safe from the storm that downed trees and power lines all over the city.  Our own house remains dark and the temperature is rising as our power has now been off for over 17 hours, with speculation that it may not be repaired for 4 to 6 more days.  John and the kids have headed to my in-laws' until the power is restored, and I'm staying at home as I have to return to work on Monday after a two-week break, and our dog will also need care.  It's easy to become frustrated, and I've lost my temper, patience, and positive spirit several times today already (sorry, family).  So I've decided it's time to express some gratitude to keep it all in perspective:

1.  In spite of the noisy 80mph gusts of wind last night and no a/c, the kids managed to sleep through it...all night long.

2.  We have friends and family offering help, shelter, and care.

3.  So far, the house temperature is still tolerable (grateful for the windows we've replaced and the insulation added).

4.  I have this coffee shop retreat.

5.  Thanks to John's initiative, the half-dead tree towering beside our house was cut down LAST week, saving our home (and likely our lives) from yesterday's destructive storm.

6.  Our property sustained just minor damage (a medium-sized portion of a tree down on our fence, lots of broken limbs, and a few missing shingles).

7.  We all have shelter, and food, and resources to take care of ourselves.

8.  Our house is located right next to the electric company, which gives me the (false) hope that our power will be restored quickly (although experience proves otherwise).  I'll hang on to what I can, though.

9.  Our family and friends fared well through the storm.

10.  I'll now have lots of time to catch up on reading!

11.  God is good.  Grateful for this reminder again.

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