Friday, June 15, 2012

What is torn down, and what remains

 There are things that are too hurtful or risky or dangerous that must be torn down.  Although they seem too imposing or have hung around for so long that it just seems easier to let them keep hanging on, it is time to release them.  Then the hard and long work begins of chopping away, the exterior, and then the interior, until the mess of it all lies around you.

As you pick your way through the splinters, you remember what was and mourn, even though it was not something you wanted to keep.  It had become part of you, and now the change is a little terrifying.  The view is a little too open.  The familiar is fractured into pieces and the new is still uncertain, unformed.

But there is freedom on the horizon, if you just look up, look ahead instead of behind.  New worlds will be built, one fresh stick at a time.

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