Thursday, October 4, 2012

Freya love

Walking shadows, lit by the light within
and candles.
Crunching leaves in a march that surrounds the campus with hope.
You are held in the light of community,
you are surrounded by love.
We are more in our connection than in our individuality.
We are never alone.


Freya Walks
Freya Walks take place on nights of special events or issues. Members of this secret society walk at night to call attention to or celebrate current events. They wear black-hooded robes to protect their anonymity and carry candles to symbolize hope. Since 1903 Freya has sought to emphasize the notion that "concern for the community is a creative and active force."

Tonight, Freya walks in memory of Klaus Phillips, Professor of Film and German language and Brandon Brown.
Freya walks in a spirit of tolerance and community for the entire Hollins sisterhood, past and present.

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