Friday, October 26, 2012

Take back the night

In honor of last night's marking of "Take Back the Night" and the brave survivors of sexual assault, rape, violence, and abuse that spoke, grieved, and continue to seek healing, a prayer:

God of love,
Shatter our silence with words of truth, with works of justice, with songs of hope,
Bring your light into the darkness, into the unspoken, the hidden, the cowering fear,
In our anger, bring change,
In our sadness, bring peace,
In our words, may others find community.
Break our hearts for what breaks yours, and into our broken places, bring your healing.
Remind us that our cracks are what lets the light in, so let our scars be a way of connecting with you and sharing your love with those who are grieving.
Let us not live in fear, but courage and hope and strength.
Help us to stand, one day at a time, and each day stand a little straighter and stronger.
Surround us with your loving presence so that we are never alone.
When we question your absence and your uninvolvement, let us feel your tears and know your suffering for us and with us.
May our sorrows be the beginning of healing for ourselves, our sisters, and our world.
In your compassionate name we pray,

photos from Hollins University's CASA (sexual assault survivor assistance) clothesline project, 
October 2012

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