Monday, July 15, 2013


There are times when it seems like the entire house will cave in on us.  Such are the joys of living in an older home, where you hedge your bets about which appliance will give out first.  The sinks, tub, toilet, washing machine, and dishwater are a not-so-lovely orange hue from the iron in the well water, and no amount of scrubbing seems to defeat it.  With each deluge of rain, our yard becomes a swamp.  Yesterday, the swing set came crashing down as the kids were playing, but fortunately, they were able to jump off in time to not go down with it.  This morning, I went to open the blinds, at they broke and fell, missing my head by inches, and instead putting a whole through our trash can.  And now two more items are added to the shopping list.

It's always something...and then it's something else.  I feel fatigue and defeat sinking in and until I realize that I can't change the circumstances, but I can change my perspective.  It's time for a little gratitude, a way of remembering the gifts I have been given.

-Our house may be old and small, but it is charming and cozy, and mostly perfect for us.  It still lifts my spirits to drive around the bend in the road and see the cheery blue cape cod and know I am really home.

-Yes, the swing set is broken, but it has given the kids more than three years of joy.  And the neighbors are excited about helping us rebuild it to be better and stronger.  Plus, it broke when I was there to witness it, and could warn the kids to "GET OFF!!!", saving us all from injury.

-There is always an unexpected expense that seems to suck up any amount of cash we manage to stash away (a new air conditioner for my car, dental work for Brady), but we are blessed to be able to pay our bills (planned and unplanned), give to charity, and have enough to plan for some well-needed vacations.

-While I'm definitely starting to feel my body in different ways as I age, I'm so grateful for my health and that of my family.  After sharing in the journey of others and a brief hospital stay for Maryn recently, I know what a tenuous balance health can be.

-I'm happy to be at this stage of life where the major things seem pretty much settled and stable.  Our family feels complete, our jobs are fulfilling, and we have roots in our community.  After many years of exciting and stressful changes, it's a gift to just be.  Normal and boring suits me just fine!  We also get to celebrate the births and changes of friends and family around us.

I need to make a regular practice of counting my blessings, and sharing them with those around me.  For what are you grateful, and how will you share that today?

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