Sunday, August 18, 2013


The next time I feel that I don't have enough, may I remember this moment...
the bliss of a quiet house, save for the sound of the laundry I managed to start;
time to think and write in the fading light of a mostly peaceful day, my dog content by my side.

More than likely, I will forget this when I am caught up in the noise of arguing children,
or busy syncing calendars with my husband.  My brain will feel too full again and I will sigh with the futility of it all.  I will long for a break, forgetting how I missed the sound of their voices now that they have left for a visit with the grandparents.

It's really amazing how little time I need.  An hour to make dinner just for me, clean up, and do some chores; catching up on balancing the checkbook and brushing the dog.  I went out for a quick bike ride, but it wasn't the same without the kids racing to catch up with me.  And now I wonder how to fill the hours.  If only they were here, I'd think of a million things I could be doing without the distractions.

Time is rarely appreciated in the moment, but I recognize with gratitude the value of this one, space to reflect on those gifts I sometimes overlook in their very presence.

The next time I forget, may I be reminded of this moment, and may I have the eyes to see the beauty before me, even in the chaos, and whisper a prayer of gratitude.

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