Thursday, March 22, 2012


I taught a class back in January called "Spirituality for Busy People" in which I extolled the virtues of writing gratitude lists to help fight stress and negativity, and to lift our spirits and remember from "whence comes our help" (Psalm 121).  I tried to give up negativity for Lent last year, to no avail.  I just took a mini-vacation with my family, and then complained about it on this blog.  Clearly, I'm in need of perspective, and it's time to count my blessings.

-Spring break on campus...time to rest and recharge

-the beautiful spring weather

-preparations for my boy's 6th birthday next week

-the gorgeous view from my office window

-the sound of a child playing in the garden outside

-my own children safe and happy at school

-a fantastic husband who is my love and my partner, who takes care of the house and kids so I can fulfill my dreams and who also successfully runs his own business and helps to fund our extras (school, vacations, savings, etc)

-although I've killed three wasps in my office today, no birds have flown in to terrorize me

-plans for a "Hunger Games" movie date with my sweet husband

-currently reading four great books

-succeeded in running a 5k, something that I never thought I could (or would want to) do

-hopefulness that this dream of a job will continue

-my mama's girl, who cheered this morning when I parked to walk her into school (instead of doing the drive up drop-off, which gets much gratitude from me).  She asked me to push her on the swings, laughed delightedly, then murmured "I love you, too" as I left.  LOVE.

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