Friday, March 2, 2012

A not so SUPER start

Today, I sent my son off to school dressed as the lesser-known Dr. Seuss book character, "Superman".  What, you mean Superman didn't appear in any Dr. Seuss books?  Oh well, our costume choices were between that and Spiderman, and poor Spidey couldn't figure out how to get off the one-piece costume to go to the potty, so that was out.  Those are the kind of decisions you get in our house on little notice.  Ah, I've written before on my frustration of the notes that arrive home from school mandating that everyone wear red polka dots or mismatched socks.  I know it's all in fun or must have some educational value (questionable), but when I'm scrambling around trying to find the requisite items while the boy is on the verge of tears because "We HAVE to do this...they SAID friends are going to be dressed up", and then I hear that the teachers spent the day showing movies, I get a little crazy.

This morning was one of those crazy times.  Between getting out and putting away the three loads of laundry I ran last night (kids need underwear for sure), unloading the dishwasher, and scrounging around for a costume, there was much whining from the littles, who wanted a DIFFERENT costume, and Dora background music to NOT eat their breakfast to.  There was hair sticking up in all different directions that the did not WANT to be sprayed and brushed, and tears and questions and needs.  In frustration, I banged the hairbrush on the counter (which, in my defense, seemed better than yelling or hitting someone), which brought on more yelling and tears. It was a horrible, no good, very bad day, and I think I'll move to Australia.

But before that, I have a lunch date at school with Superman, who most certainly does NOT want a sandwich and chips, but maybe McDonald's because that is what some other parents sometimes bring their (much luckier) kids.

So I'm not quite savoring every moment like I've been advised to do, but I am trying to find the joy in the little moments.  I loved this reminder.  There is so much joy now, and so much to look forward to.  I anticipate all the grumpiness melted off of my sweet boy's face, and a smile on mine as well as we share lunch together.

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