Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Now we are six

Today is my sweet boy's 6th birthday, and he couldn't be more excited.  After months of counting down the days and telling complete strangers about his upcoming milestone, he has arrived.  As I flipped on the light this morning, he instantly responded (as if he had been waiting for hours), "It's my birthday!  I'm 6 today!"

After a breakfast of cake batter pancakes (thanks to Chef John), he opened a present and was excited to report, "It's just what I wanted!" (fortunately we knew this from the multiple birthday wish lists and the constant reminders).

We packed up a sweet snack of fresh fruit in sugar cones for his kindergarten class (finally using some of those Pinterest ideas!), and off he went to celebrate with his friends at school.

After school, he will visit me in the office, where a few more presents await (have I mentioned how much I LOVE my child-friendly workplace?!).  Then we'll head out for a family dinner at Red Robin.

My boy constantly amazes me with his big heart and creativity.  While doing birthday preparations last night, I discovered a story he had written by himself about our trip to Great Wolf Lodge to celebrate both kids' birthdays:

I'll transcribe it:

Brady's Adventures by: Brady

Once upon a time there was a boy named Brady.  He loved his parents.  One night, Brady went outside and did an adventure.  I went to Great Wolf Lodge.  I went outside at night.  I went under the bucket of water.  I slept in room 1201.  I came back a different night.  Mom and Dad were glad.  The end.

My dear boy, may your adventures never end!  

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