Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I have the best family ever

So yesterday I had one of those days.  I had committed to being patient and loving with my kids and had even planned a special outing to one of those indoor play areas.  Everything was going well...until it was time to go (the big kids and their accompanying chaos had taken over).  Much screaming and wailing ensued, and after climbing up into the play structure and literally dragging my kids out by the ankles, all bets were off.  There was crying and yelling in the car and the refrain "you hurt my feelings" was the emphatic refrain.  A while later, back at home, we were able to calm down, learn the lesson "never run away from mommy, particularly in one of those insane climbing structures" , and make up.  But I was still a little grumpy as I thrust the kids upon my husband and headed out for a late meeting at church.  I was shocked to come home to surprises from my love and babies.  John had taken them to the store to pick out treats for me.  Maryn picked out a celebrity gossip magazine, Brady picked out gingerbread men, and John got me a fantastic chocolate candy bouquet (the guy gets me).  He also wrote the notes, dictating the kids' responses below:

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