Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mommy and me

When I was a mom of one child, I was big on enrichment and bonding activities.  I read to him in utero, and after his birth, I enrolled us in all sorts of classes.  There was baby gymnastics, and mommy and me music and dance, and a variety of playgroups.  I believe the last class was around the 9 months pregnant mark with baby #2 when I dropped us both from a My Gym class that I had begun dreading as moving my large body was an exhausting endeavor. 

I've had good intentions with my sweet girl, but our enrichment activities have turned into Mommy and Me clean the house, run errands, and her personal favorite, go to the grocery "snore" (her word).  I hope she's enjoying our Wednesday mornings together and can feel all the attention I want to lavish on her as we go through the routine of daily maintenance.  I hope she sees the joy in my life instead of the drudgery I sometimes feel.  I find it's a good sign that she has stopped asking me, "Are you happy, Mommy?" regularly.

As she'll be going to preschool full-time in the fall, I wanted to find a special way to mark our time together.  She is definitely a mommy's girl, and so I signed us up for a Mommy and Me dance class.  I hope to make special memories and be better about carving out this sacred time for the two of us.

Here's a picture of my little ballerina on her first birthday:

Now, my goal will be to take an updated picture in this tutu!

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