Monday, February 14, 2011

My lovely Valentines

I'm a big sucker for Valentine's Day.  My mom always made a big production of it growing up, and I loved every minute.  She spent days crafting a unique box for my class valentines every year, and she always made a special card for me.  At school, I would be "surprised" by flowers or balloons.  Now that I have kids of my own, I can understand all the joy in the preparations, and the love that's behind every surprise.  Although I can often get stressed when my vision of how things "should" go doesn't come to fruition, I love the anticipation and finding creative ways to show my affection.  This morning, it was delicious muffins made by John on the kids' special plates, a new book for each, a handmade felt heart pin to wear to preschool, and their favorite candy (M&Ms).  They will discover special heart-shaped snacks in their lunches, along with valentine cards and jokes.  I look forward to hearing how they shared love with their friends today.

A new chapter book for my reader.  I'm excited to share Nate the Great with my boy!
A Ladybug Girl book for my sweet girl (I love the art and the strong female character)
M&Ms for breakfast!
My sweet valentine, who still melts my heart after almost 10 years, with our funny girl.

Each day, my family teaches me more about love.  From my sweet girl who woke up saying, "Mommy, I love you so much" to my boy who regularly gives us "The best present of!" (followed by a big hug), and to my wonderfully patient and loving husband who gently puts up with my quirks, I am surrounded by love and blessings.

Happy Valentine's Day, beloved ones!

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