Friday, February 4, 2011

Reasons why I'm glad I have two children...

...a reminder for the times when I forget!

-The way they play so well together and understand each other

-the way they advocate for one another (Maryn fusses at me for putting Brady in time out and making him sad; Brady reminds me when Maryn needs a snack)

-they stick together even when we go where there are other kids.  This provides comfort for Maryn, who is a little shy and introverted at times, just as her brother used to be.

-Brady stuck up for Maryn when someone at his preschool tried to take her toy away.  "That's my sister's," he said, returning it to her, even though I doubt he would have stood up for himself if someone had taken it from him.

-When Brady was said over losing his balloon, Maryn offered, "It's okay, Brady, we can share mine."  This from the girl who does not like to share.

-the times when they collapse on each other, giggling

-their inside jokes and shared made-up words

-Brady reading books to Maryn

-praying for each other

-Maryn cries when she is kept from playing with him, and he is usually the first one she talks to in the morning

-one of Brady's first full sentences was "Baby May May come pay (play) utstairs (upstairs)?" when she was a newborn and he was 2.  He wanted her to come and play with him in his room.

-Maryn's 3rd word (after "Dada" and "Mama") was "Bady" (for Brady)

-the time when Brady went for a visit to the grandparents' because we thought he needed some extra individual attention, but he came back early as he was homesick for Maryn

-making up games together

-the ways in which they are alike

-the ways in which they are different

-the ways in which they complement each other

-the completeness I feel as a family

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